oTHER COURSE programmes

Science Centre offers a number of other courses excluding for the students of Ordinary Level and Advanced Level. These courses are available for the students of Grade 5 Scholarship Examination and the students of Grade 6 up to Grade 9.
You can see every course we have to offer for those students bellow.



Mode of Study:

Mass or Group(Weekdays / Weekends)

Start up time:

Weekdays - 8.00AM
Weekends – 7.00AM

Subject & Lecturer:

  • Grade 5 Scholarship Examination - Sameera De Silva

  • Mathematics - Roshan S. Kumara & Vindaka Nalinda

  • Science - Roshan S. Kumara & Kumara Wickramarachchi

  • History - Sandun Sri Adhikari

  • English Language - Yasas Wijerathne

  • Tamil Language - Nidarshi Senadheera

Programme Lead:

Mr. Roshan S. Kumara

Programme Structure:

Lora ipsum
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Further Courses Deatils:

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