ordinary level COURSE programmes

Ordinary Level is the gate way to the A/Ls'. Therefore O/L Examination becomes very important to all student who expect a stable educational stream. The academic staff of the Science Centre knows the mind of the students like that. They manage every one to the same goal to breakup the line together.
You can see every course we have to offer for Ordinary Level Students bellow.



Mode of Study:

Mass or Group(Weekdays / Weekends)

Start up time:

Weekdays - 8.00AM
Weekends – 7.00AM

Subject & Lecturer:

  • Mathematics - Roshan S. Kumara

  • Science & Technology - Roshan S. Kumara

  • Sinhala Language & Literature - Pradeepa Somasiri

  • History - Mayura Senarath Bandara

  • English Language - Sajith Rajapakse

  • Business & Accounting Studies - Bandara K. Herath

  • Information & Communication Technology - Nirosh Mernando

Programme Lead:

Mr. Roshan S. Kumara

Programme Structure:

Science Centre provides a massive range of courses for the students who expect to sit at the G.C.E(O/L) Examination. Very educated board of lecturers has been trained to teach all of the student in a specialized frame. They can understand the mind of the student and give full attention to each of them. All students are frequently monitered by the lectureres as well as the CCTV security system. The institute uses an relatively different way to power up the student. As it is, the student will not be punished physically at all. But every student should work to protect the culture of Science Centre within the class room and out.
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Further Courses Deatils:

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