You are warmly welcome to the premier Higher Educational Centre in Sri Lanka. Our head office is located in Udammita closed to Veyangoda town along with excellent facilities and highly experienced panels of lecturers, the students are assured of an unmatched educational experience. All students who learn in our institute are obtained to have memory expantional counciling programs within the classes under the Pshychological concepts. Looking Beyond the Horizon, a whole new world of education will be presented to the students at Science Centre, together with personalized attention to each student. It is really because our theme is " Live to Learn - Learn to Live ". Science Centre is willing to expand their classes with the modern technolgy in the recent future.

Courses & Programmes


Message of the heads of sci. centre

It is proud of us to say as a private education centre giving a priority to the school education, developing the skills talents intellectually , blooming the mental awakening of students' hidden skills by using the psychological methords we possess a noble staff and a team of human resaurces who dedicate sang - froid in the principle of intellectual resaurce offering in the island of Srilanka. Now the Science centre is opened under the theme of " Live to Learn - Learn to Live " and to establish an educated, obedient, cultured genaration who can fulfil the dreams of innocent parents. - Roshan S. Kumara

About Science Centre

Science Centre was established with the objective of providing a relatively different high quality higer education to the child generation of Sri Lanka. Now over 2000 students are studying in differnt subjects under the shade of our miraculous staff over 50 in number. They always uses special motivational methods of Psychology to power up the mental strength and memory capacity of the students. Our kind staff keep highly attention of each student and a CCTV security system is is in operation 24x7 to track everyone smoothly. We hold parents meeting regularly for every class to inform the progress of their children with us.

The culture of Science Centre maintains a top level behaviour to protect the quality of what dedicates. Our class rooms are well facilitated and our courses are mainly expand to Grade 6 up to 13. But We offers exclusive Psychotherphy treatments for all and the Science Centre already have a full optioned Cmputer Laboratory to dedicate the ICT knowledge to the students. By following our main conception of " Live to Learn - Learn to Live ", Science Centre staff always try make out hidden potentionals of the students by going beyond the genaral teaching techniques.


Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in quality higher education in Sri Lanka for the students who hope to rebuild the nation again in a relatively different way.

Our Mission

To provide students with quality education and training which would enable them to:

  • Understand their full potentials;
  • Develp their attitides & concepts;
  • Power up the mind with special Psychological methods;
  • Gain specialized Skills for life;
  • Become persons of moral, intellectual and professional excellence who will make a better life for themselves and their families, but also will lead the way for a better society for everyone.

Way of Changing Relativity

1.We possess 7 halls with all facilities.
2.Staff rooms without exhaustion.
3.The book shop with all stationary facility fairly for students.
4.The pastry shop with clean refreshments.
5.Apartment for the parents.
6.The Centre is centralized in the most suitable environment for education.
7.The Contribution of scholars from grade 3 upwards A/L Science and Maths Subjects.
8.The Only education centre in the area gaining the blessings of teachers and scholars.
9. The most favourite centre of the best students of suburb schools who record the top marks.
10.The classes are held well disciplined.
11.There is a separate team of workers for the necessaties of students.
12.There is a separate psychologycal conflicts.
13.For the practical activity there are laboratory and tool facility as well lessons are taught by multi media.

Our History & Present

The Science Centre was inaugurally and simply started with six students as a private education centre where students are taught Concurrently to schools and accurately in 1988. Due to gaining the ability for A/L stream for the students , teacher Mr. Roshan S. Kumara could make the crowd up to 120 students by 1990 with the pioneer students 34 in 1989. Since that day till today we could be an assistance to guied the desting of hundreds and thousands of students owing to the propaganda to be greatful the education rendered by us.

Today we possess the staff of 20 expert teachers and the classes are held in various streams from primary up to the university entrence using the latest technological tools and methords as well we do the fairest on behalf of students liabled the admiration and honourary of everyone Contribution on the discipline and Secure of children is constantly admired by the parents. There is a programme of work to make the excellent students those who are in any education level, It is proved by guiding to our education centre even the children of school teachers and scholars.





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